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Our No-Stress Experience

Want to find your ideal apartment, space, roommate with no scams or mismatch issues. Your home should be cozy whether it’s with roommates or not.

Roommate Matching- Living with the right people is incredibly important especially sharing spaces, rent and etc. You don't just share your space - you share your life.

They can or will become more than your roommates. They're your friends.

Don't want roommates? That is fine! We will try our best to please you're need of solitude living but realistically budgeted. We sometimes deal with non real estate owners of homes and will occasionally find an under 2k monthly 1 or maybe 2 bedroom in NYC but it's almost obsolete but we will always try!

We also help you find sublets, rooms and office spaces.

Buying consulting will be coming soon.

We are serious about research. All Listings will be on website free of charge. Only services will be of cost.

Also we may earn a commission from our affiliate links promoting affordable yet great quality products or services.

Throughout our website you’ll occasionally come across links in reviews, and articles that when clicked on may earn us a commission or a referral bonus. 

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